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B&F Shaw Collection This archive comprises scans of colour slides taken in Bhutan from 1980 onwards. Use & credit of photos If you use any of the photos in the archive, please credit them to B&F Shaw Collection and include (in brackets) the year taken as indicated by the first...


National ISBN Agency Introduction of International Standard Book Numbering System (ISBN) in Bhutan The Centre for Bhutan Studies and GNH is designated by the Royal Government of Bhutan as the ISBN Agency for Bhutan. ISBN Agency is responsible for promoting International Standard Book Numbering. Allocating of ISBNs to Bhutan’s Publishers...


The Centre for Bhutan Studies is a social science research institute which conducts inter-disciplinary studies on Bhutan for advancing its social, cultural, economic and political wellbeing.

The Centre for Bhutan Studies (CBS) is a social science research institute which conducts inter-disciplinary studies on Bhutan for advancing its social, cultural, economic and political wellbeing. It was established in November 1998 by the Royal of Government of Bhutan and governed by rtsa khrims (rules and regulations). Ever since its establishment, we have been conducting research on Bhutanese history, society, culture, religion, economy, politics and related themes.

Its mandates, given in rtsa khrims approved by the Royal Government of Bhutan, are to:

1. Conduct and promote historical and contemporary studies of relevance to Bhutan;
2. Conduct policy studies for the Royal Government of Bhutan;
3. Commission research studies by Bhutanese scholars and institutions;
4. Collaborate, at its discretion, with other agencies on basic research of mutual interest;
5. Facilitate training in research skills and analysis through internships for Bhutanese individuals;
6. Host lectures and seminars by Bhutanese and foreign scholars;
7. Be a clearing-house for information about research conducted in Bhutan and abroad by institutes and individuals;
8. Publish journals, occasional research papers, and definitive and authoritative documents on Bhutan; and
9. Encourage research and publications in Dzongkha and English.

In December 2005, the government asked the CBS to study Bhutan’s development concept of Gross National Happiness (GNH), develop GNH index and indicators, and make it systematic for informing country’s public policy and development. Since then GNH study has dominated the CBS research agenda, and to reflect this emphasis the CBS has been renamed as the Centre for Bhutan Studies & Gross National Happiness (CBS & GNH).

Disclaimer: Centre for Bhutan Studies & Gross National Happiness (CBS & GNH) is often confused with GNH Centre based in Bumthang. CBS & GNH as an autonomous government institute studies GNH by deepening the GNH concept, developing GNH index and GNH indicators to influence public policy and development, and designing tools to integrate GNH into national planning process. GNH Centre is an NGO.

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