The Centre for Bhutan Studies (CBS) was established by the Council of Ministers, the highest executive body in the Royal Government of Bhutan in November 1998. It was officially inaugurated on 25 March 1999. It is an autonomous body governed by its tsa-thrim (a set of rules and regulations) approved by the Council of Ministers.

After the good governance exercise of 2005 initiated by the Chairman of the Council of Ministers, the Royal Government of Bhutan gave the task of studying Gross National Happiness and developing GNH index and indicators to the Centre for Bhutan Studies. Since the Gross National Happiness has dominated the CBS research agenda, and to reflect the research priority it was renamed as Centre for Bhutan Studies & Gross National Happiness (CBS & GNH).

Disclaimer: There is a confusion between Centre for Bhutan Studies & Gross National Happiness (CBS & GNH) and Gross National Happiness Centre of Bhutan (GNHCB) based in Bumthang. We want to clarify that there is no relation between the two: the former is an NGO while CBS & GNH is an autonomous government institute whose mandate, among others, is to study GNH by enriching the concept, developing GNH Index and GNH indicators to influence public policy, programmes and projects, and developing tools and integrate GNH into national planning process.

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Edited on 8 June 2017.