Thimphu’s Growing Pains: Challenges of Implementing the City Plan

Thimphu’s Growing Pains: Challenges of Implementing the City Plan by Manka Bajaj This study analyses the urban planning efforts of the government for an explanation of some unintended outcomes. A popular perception is that development in Thimphu city could do with better planning. On the contrary, there have been extensive efforts from both the Thimphu Thromde … Read more

Beneficiary Labour Contribution (Woola)

Beneficiary Labour Contribution (Woola) by Karma Ura This monograph studies the labour contributions made by households, primarily rural, to the construction and maintenance of a wide range of communal infrastructure. This study is carried out by including one-page questionnaire on ‘woola’ with the larger literacy survey form 2004, which is attached in the last page.

Situation of Children in Bhutan

Situation of Children in Bhutan by Fredrik Barth & Unni Wikan The data on which this report is based were collected in Bhutan during the periods: 14-27 March 1989 (Wikan), 14 March to 24 April 1989 (Barth), 28 July to 21 October 1989 (Barth), 24 August to 12 November 1989 (Wikan), from published sources, reports etc., and during the remaining periods … Read more

Voices of Bhutanese Youth: Through Their Dreams, Experiences, Struggles and Achievements

Voices of Bhutanese Youth: Through Their Dreams, Experiences, Struggles and Achievements by Lham Dorji The voices of the Bhutanese youths have not been ever recorded – this publication, therefore, contains individual stories and views of young people on wide-ranging issues pertaining to them. The Centre for Bhutan Studies conducted unstructured interviews of 209 young people across … Read more