Papers presented at the Conference

Sl. No. Title Author
1 Aspects of Well-Being at Work John Nirenberg
2 Deep Ecology and the relevance for Gross National Happiness and Bhutan Knut J. Ims
3 Gender Differences in Gross National Happiness in Bhutan: Analysis of GNH Surveys Ritu Verma and Karma Ura
4 Gross National Happiness for Children: Embedding GNH values in education Frances Harris
5 Shifting power to the periphery: The impact of decentralisation on well-being of the poor Durga Prasad Chhetri
6 An objective method of defining spatial accessibility indicators for GNH measurement system Sonam Jamtsho
7 The Politics of Gross National Happiness: Values, power and policy implementation Kent Schroeder
8 Inner peace and poverty Pimpimon Kaewmanee and Nuttamon Teeraku
9 SMART Village: A Sustainable Model for Community Development Noppawan Boontham ,   Chomchuan Boonrahong     Sathaporn Sangsupoh
and Surapol Dumronggittigule
10 Organic Network Management in Mekong Region

Case Study: Towards Organic Asia Network

Anocha Parameesak ,   Chomchuan Boonrahong
11 Green Generation : A New Paradigm Approach
For Thai Youth Development to Agriculture Sector
Rayakorn Suwan , Noppawan Boontham , Chomchuan Boonrahong3
and Bongkochmas Ek-Eiam3
12 Happiness in a Tourism Context Martin Lohmann
13 The Amazon: Destruction And Resistance Worldviews in Conflict Marcos Arruda
14 From GNH to GCH: Leadership for the 21st Century Ruediger Fox
15 GNH Philosophy as Subset of Happism Theory Mukund M. Moharir
16 What would Social Goods Provisioning Look Like Under the GNH Paradigm? James Chalmers
17 Social Diversity and Judiciary in India: A Comparative Study with Bhutan Vibhudi Venkateshwarlu
18 Sustainable Happiness for Sustainable Development Sauwalak Kittiprapas
19 A Philosophical Exploration of Radical Forgiveness William J. Long
20 Alternative enterprise and Gross National Happiness: an agenda for sustainable prosperity Fergus Lyon and Tim Jackson
21 Gross National Happiness (GNH) on social media platforms Szymon Zylinski
22 Slovenian (Un)happy People Compared with Bhutanese:Cultural Context of Happiness