GNH WF Method and Optimization of GNH Resources

 DOWNLOAD: GNH WF Method and Optimization of GNH Resources by Dr. Mukund M. Moharir

GNH Weightage Factor (WF) Method is a mathematical procedure useful in the following cases:

  1. To identify relative importance (weightage) the surveyed population is knowingly/unknowingly attaching to each surveyed Domain while answering the Cantril Ladder Questionnaire (Subjective Happiness Survey).
  2. To compute for every Domain optimum distribution of the current GNH budget and also of the added budget under various optimum allocation schemes.
  3. To compute the extra GNH budget required to enhance the current GNH to the desired value and to calculate optimum distribution of the extra budget amongst different Domains.
  4. To compute under various optimization schemes the new GNH number when the budget of some Domain(s) is changed by certain percentage.
  5. To identify Paradigm Shift (PS) and Prime Movers of Happiness (PMH) situations in the available survey data.
  6. To compute the change in GNH value when the surveyor uses his/her own WF numbers for the Domains.
  7. To eliminate the effect of arbitrary nature of GNH Index procedure deciding “who is happy and who is not”.
  8. To identify Cantril Ladder GNH part not explained by GNH Index procedure.

The following two available survey data are used to illustrate WF Method procedures:

(1) Bhutan GNH survey data (Reference 1)

(2) Thailand GNH survey data (Reference 2).