Gross National Happiness- A Set of Discussion Papers

Gross National Happiness : A Set of Discussion Papers
Edited by Sonam Kinga, Karma Galay, Phuntsho Rapten and Adam Pain.
First Published: June 1999
After the Chairman of the Council of Ministers’ keynote speech at the UNDP Millennium Meeting for Asia and the Pacific in Seoul (30 October – 1 November), was published in Kuensel, the weekly newspaper of Bhutan, several scholars reacted to his speech by expressing their own ideas of Gross National Happiness. This publication is a collection of articles by different authors.

You can download the different articles in this publication from the following table. 


  1 Gross National Happiness: an introductory editorial. (PDF: 19KB)
  2 Gross National Happiness and Human Development – Searching for Common Ground (PDF: 16KB) by Lyonpo Jigmi Thinley
  3 Values and Development “Gross National Happiness” (PDF: 34KB)by Lyonpo Jigmi Thinley
  4 Gross National Happiness – Bhutan’s Vision of Development and its Challenges (PDF: 81KB) by Stefan Priesner
  5 Gross National Happiness: a Respite from a Biblical Economy or Attaining Utopia? (PDF: 24KB) by Vladimir Stehlik
  6 Gross National Happiness: a tribute (PDF: 15KB) by Thakur Singh Powdyal
  7 Development with sparks. Placing the hamburger in the mandala (PDF: 115KB) by Diederik Prakke
  8 Gross National Happiness: Concepts for the Debate (PDF: 50KB) by Khenpo Phuntshi Tashi, Diedrick Prakke and Sammdu Chettri
  9 Gross National Happiness (PDF: 46KB) by Guy Sharrock
10 Accountability and Gross National Happiness (PDF: 28KB) by Dasho Meghraj Gurung