Gross National Happiness and Development

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Operationalization of Gross National Happiness

Edited by Karma Ura and Karma Galay

  Publication Year: 2004

 ISBN Number: 99936-14-19-X

  PAGES: 767

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Chapter Title Author Page No.
1 Preface Vii
 2 Gross National Happiness and Development: An Essay Mark Mancall 1
3 Trade, Development, and the Broken Promise of Interdependence: A Buddhist Reflection on the Possibility of Post-Market Economics Peter D. Herschock 51
4 Towards an Economic of Happiness Helena Noberg-Hodge and Steven Gorelick 77
5 Improving Unsustainable Western Economic Systems Frank Dixon 105
6 Operationalising Gross National Happiness Tracy Worcester 121
7 Information and Communications Technology and Gross National Happiness – Who Serves Whom? Christopher B. Faris 140
8 Cherry Picking in Bhutan Michael Rowbotham 174
9 A Good Time for Gross National Happiness Rajni Bakshi 200
10 Will ‘Middle Way Economics’ Emerge from the Gross National Happiness Approach of Bhutan? Hans van Willenswaard 214
11 Gross National Happiness: Towards a New Paradigm in Economics Sander G. Tideman 222
12 Small-scale Business Inspired by Timeless Simplicity: A Contribution Towards Gross National Happiness Wallapa Kuntiranont 247
13 Measuring Genuine Progress – Indicators for Enlightened Society Ron Coleman and Julia Sagebien 252
14 Bhutan’s Quadrilemma: To Join or Not to Join the WTO, That is the Question Mark Mancall 260
15 Finding Happiness in Wisdom and Compassion – the Real Challenge for an Alternative Development Strategy Ross McDonald 271
16 Happy Life Years: A Measure of Gross National Happiness Ruut Venhoven 287
17 Towards Evidence Based Public Policy: The Power and Potential of using Well-being Indicators in a Political Context Nic Marks 319
18 How Bhutan can Measure and Develop GNH Suellen Donnelly 347
19 Measuring Individual Happiness in Relation to Gross National Happiness in Bhutan: Some Preliminary Results from Survey Data Prabhat Pankaj and Tshering Dorji 375
20 National Happiness: Universalism, Cultural Relativism, or Both? An Assessment Chris Whitehouse and Thomas Winderl 389
21 Adding Spirit to Economics Sulak Sivaraksa 409
22 Happiness in the Midst of Change: A Human Development Approach to Studying GNH in the Context of Economic Development Happiness as the Greatest Human Wealth Michael Levensen etal 419
23 Happiness as the Greatest Human Wealth Frank Bracho 430
24 Quality and Sustainability of Life Indicators at International, National and Regional Levels Pavel Novacek etal 450
25 Development as Freedom, Freedom as Happiness: Human Development and Happiness in Bhutan Joseph Johnson 457
26 The Centrality of Buddhism and Education in Developing Gross National Happiness Dharmachari Lokamitra 472
27 The Role of Buddhism in Achieving Gross National Happiness Khenpo Phuntsok Tashi 483
28 Framework for Operationalizing the Buddhist Concept of Gross National Happiness Buddhadsa Hewavitharana 496
29 Using Buddhist Insights in Implementing Gross National Happiness Jean Karel Hylkema 532
30 The Characteristics and Levels of Happiness in the Context of the Bhutanese Society Karma Gayleg 541
31 Prolegomena to Pursuing Gross National Happiness: The Bhutanese Approach Pema Tenzin 555
32 Culture, Coping and Resilience to Stress Carolyn M. Aldwin 563
33 Beyond Disease Prevention and Health Promotion: Health for all Through Sustainable Community Development T. Thamrongwaranggoon 574
34 Achieving Gross National Happiness Through Community –based Mental Health Services in Bhutan Chencho Dorji 599
35 Literacy for All: One of the Means to Achieve Gross National Happiness Tashi Zangmo 629
36 Tears and Laughter: Promoting Gross National Happiness Through the Rich Oral Traditions and Heritage of Bhutan Steven Evans 637
37 One Big Happy Family? Gross National Happiness and the Concept of Family in Bhutan Linda Leaming 660
38 Building the Fire: Preserving Local Knowledge and Traditions in the Face of Globalization Trudy Sable 680
39 Be Decent Be Happy: Apprehending the Truth of Sustainable Happiness Wiboon Kemchalerm 688
40 Relevance of Soils for Gross National Happinesss Thoma Caspari 692
41 Putting Gross National Happiness in the Service of Good Development: From Ethics to Politics Johannes Hirata 706
42 Foundations and Scope of Gross National Happiness: A Layman’s Perspective Thakur Singh Powdyel 732
43 Notes on Contributors 748

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