Mandala of 21st Century Perspectives

Mandala of 21st Century Perspectives

Mandala of 21st Century Perspectives: Proceedings of the International Conference on Tradition and Innovation in Vajrayana Buddhismedited by Dasho Karma Ura, Dorji Penjore & Chhimi Dem, 2017








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Table of Contents
Welcome Address by Dasho Karma Ura, President of the Centre for Bhutan Studies & GNH
Keynote Address by Dasho Tshering Tobgay, Hon’ble Prime Minister of Bhutan
Empowerment, Oral Transmission, and Verbal Instruction in Vajrayāna Buddhism: Opening Address by Dorji Lopen
Vajrayāna Tradition in Mongolia: Opening Address by Khamba Lam Gabju
From Monks to Yogis: Historical Transformation within the Vajrayana Buddhist Sangha: Opening Address by Tsugla Lopen
Opening Address by Lama Lobzang
Flourishing of Vajrayāna Buddhism in Bhutan and its Way Forward: Opening Address by Leytshog Lopen
Vajrayāna Buddhism: Its Place in Traditional Bhutan and Its Future Prospects Geoffrey Samuel
Padmasambhava, Yeshe Tsogyal, and the Sacred Geography of Bhutan Dasho Karma Ura
Yoga and Physical Culture in Vajrayāna Buddhism and Dzogchen, with special reference to Tertön Pema Lingpa’s ‘Secret Key to the Winds and Channels’  

Ian Baker

A Visual Transmission: Bhutanese Art & Artists fro the 17th-19th Centuries Ariana Maki
When a Return to Tradition Appears as Innovation: Establishing the ordained non-monastic Vajrayāna sangha in the West Ngakma Mé-tsal Wangmo & Naljorpa Ja’gyür Dorje
Kundalini from the Edge of Science Jeanne Lim
Reflections on Pema Lingpa’s Key to the Eight Principal Tantric Medicines, and its relevance today Cathy Cantwell
The Mind Mandala David Verdesi
Mindfulness of Dream and Sleep: A Bridge to Dream Yoga? Charlie Morley
Kukai’s Innovations and Efforts in Introducing Vajrayâna Buddhism in Japan Barbara Morrison
Meditation in Modern Education: Outlining a Pilot Programme from Australia Tamara Ditrich
The Alchemical Body: Nutritional Perspectives on Tantric Buddhist Practices Elizabeth Lee
The Five Dhyani Mudra in the Visual Arts of Vajrayāna Buddhism Nilima Sikhrakar
The Building of Sangye Migyur Ling Peter Mann
A short biography of the contributors