Media and Public Culture


Proceedings of the Second International Seminar on Bhutan Studies



  Publication Year: 2007

 ISBN Number: 99936-14-41-6

  PAGES: 520

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Title  Author  Page No.
 Keynote Address  Sudhir Vyas  1
 Stone Inscriptions: An Early Written Medium in Bhutan  Dr. John Ardussi  4
 The Marriage of the Media and Religion: For Better or Worse  Karma Phuntsho  19
 Dances in Bhutan: A Traditional Medium of Information  Dr. Francoise Pommerat  31
 Culture, Liberty and Happiness  Karma Ura  40
 Cultural Maintenance and Promotion: The Print Media’s Role in Providing Space for Knowledge and Discourse  Dorji Thinley  70
 Relationship between Media and Buddhist Culture: The Case of Conch and its Colour  Wangchuk Rinzin  109
 Cultural Imperialism and Linguistic Change: Impact of Cultural Imperialism on Dzongkha Borrowing  Kinley Dorji  121
 Roar of the Thunder Dragon: The Bhutanese Audio-visual Industry and the Shaping and Representation of Contemporary Culture  Tshewang Dendup  137
 The Microsoft Unlimited Potential E-centers in Bhutan: Using ICT for Development  Lektsho Yangden Dorji  154
 Gross National Happiness through ICTs for Development: A Case Study of the Jakar Community Multimedia Center  Dr. Seema Murugan  172
 Selling Desire and Dissatisfaction: Why Advertising should be Banned from Bhutanese Television  Dr. Ross McDonald  188
 Media and Public Culture: Media Whitewashing  Kinley Rinchen  208
 Media and the Maverick Mind: Need for Media Literacy: A Lay View  Thakur Singh Powdyel  246
 Media in the New Political Order  Dorji Wangchuk  274
 Role of Kuensel in the Fostering Democracy in Bhutan  Sanjeev Mehta  297
Role of Media in the Changing Socio-Political Situations in Bhutan  N. Balasubranian & Jigme Nidup  334
 Media, Markets and Meaning: Placing Sustainable Development and Environmental Conservation and Enrichment at Risk  Dr. Peter D. Hershock  351
 Attitude towards Mass Media and its role in Promoting Environmental Consciousness: An Empirical Investigation  Tshering Dorji  382
 Geographical Information System – As a Media Tool for Promoting Sustainable Development vis-a-vis Environmental Conservation  Dr. Pankaj Thapa  439
Role of the Media in Achieving a Sustainable Society  Tim Bodt  459
 Concluding Remarks: Perspectives on Bhutanese Media  Kinley Dorji  501

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