Videos on Buddhism Conference 2012

Download the podcasts on Buddhism Conference held in Bumthang, Bhutan from 21-23 May 2012 from the following links:
1. How Avida Leads to Suffering by Prof. Yoshinari Fuji

2. Buddhism as a “Living Tradition” by Dr. Kathleen Gregory

3. Contested Identities in Chan/Zen Buddhism by Dr. Albert Welter

4. Introduction to the Collected Work of the Drukpa Kagyud by Dr. Seiji Kumagai

5. Nurture the Three Bodies: Buddhist Guidelines for Enlightened Children by Dr. Christina Partsalaki

6. Buddhist Models of Self: Politics when People Matter by Dr. Georgios T. Halkias

7. Filial Piety with a Zen Twist by Dr. Michel Mohr

8. The Ghostly Guises of Guanyin by Dr. Hun Lye