On the Mule Track to Dagana

On the Mule Track to Dagana by Dorji Penjore

Author’s Note

On the Mule Track to Dagana is the part of Sacred Route Series initiated by the Centre for Bhutan Studies to document some of the ancient footpaths in the country. Most footpaths are abandoned by a larger population today as network of motor roads reaches even the remotest corner. Still some paths continue to serve as important communication line between different societies and valleys.

This travelogue was written after I went on a week long trek along the Genyekha-Dagana zhunglam from 23 to 30 October 2002, 17-24th day of the Ninth Bhutanese month. Mr. Wangchuk of Chamgang in Thimphu and a few people of Genyekha, Dagala and Dagana provided the information. Some were my direct observations. No further research, whatsoever, has been done to confirm their oral information.

I thank Mr. Deiter Zurcher, former Co-ordinator, Helvetas, Bhutan and his wife, for their assistance, my guide Mr. Wangchuk, Ap Gado and Ap Chador of Genyekha, and Mr Karma Ura, Director of the Centre for his valuable insight and comments.