Rethinking Development


Proceedings of Second International Conference on Gross National Happiness

  Publication Year: 2007

 ISBN Number: 99936-14-19-X

  PAGES: 323

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Sl.No. Title Author Page No.
1 Acknowledgements i 
2 Introduction Mark Mancall ii 
3 Opening Address Myra A. Freeman 1
4 What is Gross National Happiness? Lyonpo Jigmi Y. Thinley 3
5 Governance as the Key to Gross National Happiness John Ralston Saul 13
6 How Should Happiness Guide Policy? Why Gross National Happiness is not Opposed to Democracy? Johannes Hirata 31
7 Assessing the Full Cost of Energy in Nova Scotia: A GPI Atlantic Approach Ryan Parmenter, Seth Cain and Judith Lipp 47
8 The Myth Behind Alcohol Happiness Dr. Chencho Dorji 64
9 The Bhutanese Media: In the Service of the Public Kinley Dorji and Siok Sian Pek 78
10 Planning for Sustainable Happiness: Harmonizing our Internal and External Landscapes Catherine O’Brien 97
11 Union of Indigenous Communities of the Isthmus Region Francisco VanderHoff Boersma 112
12 On Responsibility in the Private Sector Ray Andersen 144
13 Principles of Polyface Farm Joel Salatin 158
14 Social Enterprise Models as Key Drivers for Community-based Agriculture Forouk Jiwa 161
15 The University as an instrument of Gross National Happiness: Some Reflections Thakur Singh Powdyel 166
16 Barefoot College: Its Experience Sanjit Bunker Roy 183
17 Bartering for a Better Future? Community Currencies and Sustainable Consumption Gill Seyfang 186
18 The Positive Impact of Gomchen Tradition on Achieving and Maintaining Gross National Happiness Khenpo Phuntshok Tashi 211
19 Happiness and Indigenous Wisdom in the History of the Americas Frank Bracho 242
20 Folktales and Education: The Role of Bhutanese Folktales in Values Transmission Dorji Penjore 258
21 Our View of Development Ela R. Bhatt 278
22 What is Sustainable and What is Not? Holly Dressel 281
23 Economic Possibilities for Our Grandchildren: Progress and Prospects after 75 years John Stutz 286

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