Towards Global Transformation


Proceedings of the Third International Conference on Gross National Happiness


  Publication Year: 2008

 ISBN Number: 99936-14-42-4

  PAGES: 397

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 Sl. No.  Title  Author Page. No. 
 1  Cover Page and Acknowledgements    vii
 2  Activating Difference: Appreciating Equity in an Era of Global Interdependence  Peter D. Herschock  1
 3  Pretty Woman  Dasho Kinley Dorji  10
 4  Happiness and Spirituality Gem Dorji  26
 5  Reciprocal Exchange and Community Vitality: The Case of Gortshom Village in Eastern Bhutan  Sonam Kinga  31
 6 Is National Environment Conservation Success a Rural Failure? The Other Side of Bhutan’s Conservation Story   Dorji Penjore  66
7  Opening the Gates in Bhutan: Media Gatekeepers and the Agenda of Change  Siok Sian Pek-Dorji  88
 8  Conglomerate Radar of Happiness in Bhutan  Prabhat K Pankaj  110
 9  A case story from Minamata: GNH Practice as Human Security and Sustainable Development  Takayoshi Kusago  130
 10  The Suicide Priests of Japan and the Search for Gross National Happiness  Jonathan Watts  135
 11  Gross National Happiness: A New Paradigm  Chandima D. Daskon  167
 12 Beyond the Linear Logic of Project Aid Alternative: Understandings of Participation and Community Vitality  Amanda Kiessel  183
 13  Creating Vibrant Communities through Ecologically Sound Food Production  Alex Kaufman  199
 14  Happiness Under Pressure: How Dual-Earner Parents Experience Time in Australia  Peter Brown, Ester Cerin & Penny Warner-Smith 213
 15 P2P and Human Happiness   Michel Bauwens 233
 16  Micro-finance in Improvement of Living Standard and GNH   Saugata Bandyoupadhayay 248
 17  Micro-finance Institution, Social Capital and Peace Building: Evidence from West Kalimantan, Indonesia Rochman Achwan  272
 18  Interpreting Right Livelihood: Understanding and Practice in Contemporary Thailand  Nissara Horayangura  282
 19  A Tale of Two Samut Cities: Different Paths to Devleopment and People’s Wellbeing in Samut Sakorn and Samut Songkram Provinces  Decharut Sukkumnoed and Wipawa Chuenchit  300
 20 The Development of Thai Mental Health Indicator: From Past to Present   Apichai Mongkol, Tavee Tangseree, Pichet Udomratn, Watchanee Huttapanom & Worawan Chutha  315
21  The Concept of Happiness: The Bridge between Western and Eastern Thought, and Empirical Evidence of Bangkokian’s Happiness Determinants  Kanokporn Nitnitiphrut  326
 22  Macroeconomic Determinants of the Happiness of the Poor: A Case Study of Pakistan  Muhammad Shahbaz & Naveed Aamir  367

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