Voices of Bhutanese Youth: Through Their Dreams, Experiences, Struggles and Achievements

Voices of Bhutanese Youth: Through Their Dreams, Experiences, Struggles and Achievements by Lham Dorji

The voices of the Bhutanese youths have not been ever recorded – this publication, therefore, contains individual stories and views of young people on wide-ranging issues pertaining to them. The Centre for Bhutan Studies conducted unstructured interviews of 209 young people across twelve Dzongkhags, focusing on the individual experiences, problems and perceptions about life. This document is intended to provide the interested groups and organizations with thoughts and views of young people on a range of issues related to youth.

In some cases, the names of these young people have been modified as to avoid any blame against them for sharing their feelings with us.

Part A contains the youth narratives that cover various themes on youth: education, employment, family-related problems, dreams and other challenges. These narratives are recorded as related to the interviewers by the respondents.

Part B includes the analysis of the narrative report. It mainly focuses on problems faced by the children of poor families in relation to education and employment.

Part C contains a report based on the questionnaires survey of 942 young people in 12 Dzongkhags by Dorji Penjore. This report contains the issue of youth and their relations with the families.