Wayo, Wayo – Voices from the Past

Wayo, Wayo – Voices from the Past 

It is a collection of different articles on the different festivals Ha, Goleng Roop, Wamling Kharpu, Goshing Chodpa and Lhabon that are celebrated in different parts of the country.

Download the different articles from the following:

Sl.No. Title Author Page No.
1 Ha: The Bon Festival of Gortshom Village Tashi Choden 1
2 Goleng Roop- A Cult of Feast Offering Lham Dorji 24
3 Wamling Kharpu: A Vibrant Ancient Festival Dorji Penjore 29
4 Goshing Chodpa Phuntsho Rapten 72
5 A Brief History of Chendebji Village and Lhabon Celebration Sonam Kinga 105
6 Kharam – The Cattle Festival Karma Galay 117
7 Khar Phud: A Non-Buddhist Lha Sol Festival of Eastern Bhutan Ugyen Pelgen 125