Youth in Bhutan – Education, Employment, and Development

Youth in Bhutan – Education, Employment, Development by Lham Dorji and Sonam Kinga

Author’s Note

Youth development should entail the views of young people who can offer a perspective that is unique to them. What they express about their experiences, challenges, expectations and outcomes can bear so much on the policies and programs pertaining to them. This monograph series contains the papers that relied heavily on young people’s views, valuing what they have to say about wide-range of problems that our youth are facing today. Organizations and programs can be more cost effective and responsive by ensuring that the problems of young people are heard, recognized and acknowledged with the appropriate actions.

The purpose of this monograph is not to portray youth as helpless victims of circumstances, deranged by contemporary dilemmas and ominous to the society, but to identify problems based on their views and stories. In general, we acknowledge the contributions of Bhutanese youth in the overall development.

This study is funded by Save the Children, Bhutan Program, the orgnisation that works closely with children, their families and communities to meet the ever changing needs and ensure their positive physical, cognitive and social-emotional development. The Centre acknowledge the financial support of this organization, and offer our wish that this organization would continue to play its positive role in understanding about youth development and broaden the base for youth development opportunities.